Other systems to aid in driving and maneuvering complete the above equipment


 A new programmable Cruise Control, as standard from the second model level or as an optional in-line input. It allows to maintain or limit the speed of the vehicle at the programmed speed in all the relief conditions, without the driver stepping on the accelerator pedal, when using the speed governor; – A rear parking aid system is available as an option by integrating four parking sensors located on the rear bumper. The system is automatically activated when the reverse gear is engaged. It detects obstacles near the rear of the vehicle, transmitting them to the driver through a beep, whose frequency increases as the vehicle approaches them, sounding continuously when it is only a few centimeters from the vehicle. For greater safety, people are also warned by an external audio signal when the vehicle is retreating;- To make maneuvering even easier, the new Peugeot Boxer also proposes a new rear view camera with overlay function. Integrated at the third stop light level, it automatically transmits an image of the rear of the vehicle on the touch screen whenever it is in reverse gear. Allows for accurate vehicle orientation through different color lines, depending on the distance of the rear bumper. The rear view camera can be associated with the rear parking aid system;- Variable power assisted steering as standard, with the 3.0 literHDi engine and the Heavy line, is also available as an option in some versions. The high speed becomes firmer for greater safety, being lighter at low speed for easier maneuvering.Modern equipment designed for professionalTo transform the interior into a true mobile office, the new Peugeot Boxer integrates a wide range of contentsThe functional interior offers several storage spaces, as well as a document holder and a tray built into the folding backrest of the central bank.The new line of audio systems, which can be optionally supplemented with the DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) system, offers the hands-free phone function with Bluetooth and a USB jack as standard.

Exclusive in the second-level series segment, the 5-inch Touch Screen allows the driver to manage all functions such as streaming audio, reading SMS, new integrated navigation system (optional) and rear view camera.Professionals need to be permanently connected with their customers, which is why the new Peugeot Boxer also offers, as an option, a docking station for tablets with a specific connection during the second half of 20To enable each trader to find a response tailored to your specific needs, the new Peugeot Boxer now offers a range structured around three levels and several packages of options:- The chantier pack, which integrates a protection plate under the engine, Grip Control (Intelligent Traction Control) and HDC (Hill Descent Control), to make life easier for professionals in the construction industry- The look pack , which includes fog lights, LED daytime running lights and wheel caps, for professionals looking for a differentiation of their work tools to enhance their corporate image- The safety package , meeting the requirements of the company fleets at the level of additional safety requirements. It integrates the passenger airbag as well as the latest technological innovations, such as the tire pressure sensor or borehole and the Involuntary Range Transposition Alert- The pack citywas specially designed for intensive urban use. It facilitates maneuvering and promotes good vehicle maintenance thanks to the parking assist system associated with the rear view camera and the electrically folding exterior mirrors- The comfort package consists of driver’s seat with suspension, automatic air conditioning, visibility pack and leather steering wheel. Usable in the city, as well as in long journeys, allowing to improve the comfort in the work place of the driver;The chauffagepackparticularly adapted to the regions where the temperatures are more demanding, allowing an optimization of the comfort of the heating, thanks to the Webasto programmable system. The cabin is heated before the start of the journey and is maintained at the correct temperature, with seat heating.

All these packages are available separately.

Competitive and controlled costs of use and maintenance and consumption costs among the most accessible in the marketThe new Peugeot Boxer is available with six state-of-the-art diesel engines with FAP, complying with the Euro 5 standard: 2.2 block HDi FAP 110 hp delivers 81 kW and 250 Nm at 1750 rpm. This four-cylinder turbocharged engine is fitted with a cast iron block, an aluminum head, 16-valve and two-axis valve control. It offers a good liveliness while being economical, two significant advantages in urban traffic; The engine 2.2 HDi FAP 130 hp and the 2.2 HDi FAP 150 hp respectively charge 96 kW and 320 Nm at 1800 rpm and 110 kW and 350 Nm at 1750 rpm. Compared to the 110 hp version, they have piston cooling systems and specific engine mapping. These characteristics make them the best allies in the city as on the road, on longer paths. These 2 motors can be associated with Stop & Start technology; The 3.0-liter HDi FAP 180 hp offers 130 kW and 400 Nm at 1400 rpm, an exceptional torque in the category. Its common rail injection system can regulate the pressure between 450 and 1800 bar depending on requirements. This technology delivers all the performance you need for long road travel and high load utilization.Equipped with 2.2-liter HDi engines, the new Peugeot Boxer records consumption gains up to 1.3l / 100km, representing 34 g / km CO2, in the L3H2 2.2 HDi 130 hp version, compared to the range it replaces, ensuring to the model a very competitive position in the segment in terms of consumption.The integration of Stop & Start technology into 2.2 HDi 130 hp and 150 hp engines enables fuel consumption to be among the best on the market, with an additional gain of 0.5 l / 100km in the city, as well as an average reduction in CO2 emissions of 5 g / km in mixed circuit.The operating costs of the new Peugeot Boxer are the lowest on the market thanks to: engines equipped with a distribution chain that does not require any replacement, with an extended maintenance interval of 48 000 km or 2 years; a resized braking system to improve performance and wear; a good distribution of masses and a traction transmission system, allowing the assembly of tires 15 inches of series, the most economical oCustomized and competitive formulas adapted to each market are also available with the new Peugeot Boxer . These warranty extension and / or maintenance contracts will allow professionals to run for up to 8 years without worry. The downward-looking costs in most countries reflect the brand’s confidence in quality and the durability of the new Peugeot Boxer. From the assistance in case of failure, to the replacement of parts subject to wear, the professional defines the level of intervention you want for your vehicle always continuing to benefit from the Peugeot quality assurance.

The widest range of options available 

The new Peugeot Boxer offers the widest range of bodywork to suit every purpose and every purpose. (3 m, 3.45 m and 4.04 m), the van versions – with and without glass – are divided into 4 lengths (L1, L2, L3 and L4) and 3 heights (H1 , H2 and H3), for a total of 8 models between 8 and 17 m3. The new Peugeot Boxer is also available in other versions in order to meet the specific needs of the professionals: a maximum of 7 seats in collaboration with Durisotti; chassis single-seater 3-seater or 7-seater double; tilting with a PTAC (Total Weight Admitted on Load) of 335 and also with a PTAC of 435 Heavy, solutions developed with Gruau; transformation bases in single chassis or double cabin and plancher cabin. The new “elongated” cab version has a resized glazed surface for greater safety, greater passenger comfort and the possibility of mounting opening glass for the L2H2 and L3H2 versions. Finally, for the transport of passengers the Combi versions, from 5 to 9 seats, and Minibus with 14 or 17 seats (homologated according to the Euro 4 standard) complete the line.Numerous processing possibilities Thereare also plans for transformation units, such as the DANGEL 4×4 predisposition, reinforced rear suspensions to handle larger tailgate volumes and ESP predisposition to AL-KO adaptations.The basic line for transformations in model of camping is available in format van or chassis, including optional rotating 180 ° front seats.

Record high efficiency 

With regard to the ease of loading, the new Peugeot Boxer makes a difference. It offers the largest volume of cargo in a total length of only 6,36 m, that is, 50 cm to 1 m less than the competition. It also has one of the widest Total Allowable Weights in Load of 2.8 to 4 tons with a line of 6 variants of PTAC:
– Light Line: 328 (2.8 ton) / 330 (3 ton) / 333 (3, 3 ton) / 335 (3.5 ton),
– Heavy line: 435 (3.5 ton) / 440 (4 ton), this line offers better payload volumes than rear-wheel-drive vehicles penalized by structure of the transmission.The new Peugeot Boxer also offers great ease of loading due to:
– a record useful width of 1.87 m and 1.42 m between wheel arches;
– low-load access between 493 and 602 mm;
– a rear door opening at 96 °, extendable at 180 ° due to a retractable riser, an extension thereof being optionally available up to 270 °;
– one or two sliding side doors. The load access can be lowered by 60 to 70 mm, depending on the wheelbase, thanks to the pneumatic rear suspension. It also allows to maintain a constant height under all load conditions and an improvement in driving comfort. The control is located on the dash panel with indication of the position on the instrumentation display, and the vehicle returns to its nominal base from 20 km / h. New proposals for trailers with fixed or removable towing hook without tool are available as an option to meet particular needs, from small operators to large professionals in the construction industry. 2014 – PEUGEOT 2008 CASTAGNACastagna, the traditional bodybuilder from Milano, presented a style customization package for the Peugeot 2008.The car is painted in “Red Matte” color with blue and black details, while the interior features upholstery in Alcantara. The new coverings of the seats and panels follow the exterior color scheme of the car.The mechanical part of the Peugeot was not changed, leaving the original settings.
2014 – PEUGEOT 208 GTI 30TH

Peugeot will be showcasing the 208 GTi 30th, which has a more radical look at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in England, which runs from June 26 to 29 and is increasingly chosen by several brands to present its new models and versions. and bicolor body. It is a version designed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the GTI acronym, three decades after the advent of the 205 GTi.This 208 GTi has 8 hp more than the normal version of the 208 GTi, guaranteeing 208 hp and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. The engine is the same, the 1.6-liter THP petrol that complies with Euro 6 standards (with emissions of CO2 of 125g / km), coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox with a Torsen differential, with new specific suspension and steering settings. In this 30th anniversary edition the suspension was lowered by 10 mm. Also the ESP and the traction control were recalibrated. The announced numbers: 6.5 seconds from 0-100 km / h and 26.5 seconds from 0-1000 meters. The acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h in fifth gear is fulfilled in six seconds.The chrome finishes of the grille, the contours of the fog lights and the rearview mirrors of the conventional GTi 208 give a matt black finish here, which gives it a more exclusive look. The version uses 18-inch wheels also in matt black, which allow you to see the red details of the Peugeot Sport brakes. The tire size is 205/40. To accentuate the sporty air, the version was equipped with a double exhaust outlet, on the right side. In the line of the pillar C was applied a signature GTi, whose red line evokes the 205 GTi. In addition to the two-tone paint, black and red, Peugeot will also offer a combination of red (Ruby Red) and white pearl (Pearl White), historical colors of GTi.

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